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 So the Metro NY Autocross program went out of state. The 33rd Annual Zone 1 Autocross was held in Ayer, Massachu- setts at Fort Devens Air Force Base. As you might or might not know, this was a
two day event in which eleven Metro NY members made the trek to participate. The event consisted of two high speed courses, a different one each day. This was a real treat as we are used to small parking lots so it was nice to really see what the cars can do when there is room to stretch their legs. It’s not only a compe- tition, there is also a great social aspect to the event and Saturday night, Metro Mem- bers Don and Barbara Coburn barbecued for everybody. This has become a yearly event and Don and Barbara do not disap- point. Hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage and peppers as well as salads were all on the menu. It’s great to sit around and talk about the day’s event with other members from other regions. I have been the Zone 1 Autocross chair for 5 years and have really enjoyed this event as it’s nice to see the same people come back to participate year after year.
I would like to thank all the Metro Mem- bers who attended the Zone 1 Autocross. They are, in no particular order, Russell Bertels, Tom Patrizio, Bill Riehl, Mitch Hackett, Ed Trainor, Don and Barbra Co- burn, Spencer Martin, Greg Wise, and Au- gie Lacorazza. We put up a good fight but was only able to reach third place in the region challenge. It is notable that there
were seven regions from Zone 1 repre- sented at the Autocross. A great turnout this year as in the past.
Skid remarks
Now we come back to the island for the yearly runoff at Tobay Beach on October 21. For those who don’t know, each event earns a driver points based on where they finish in the PAX standings. At the end of the season the ten top drivers all compete against each other in the same car (not
at the same time. Although, I have con- sidered getting a ten passenger van and have all the runoff drivers in the van while one drives the course.) Anyway, they are all competing for the title of Autocrosser of the Year.
The following drivers have made it to the 2018 Metro NY Runoff. In points or-
der: Spencer Martin (623), Mitch Hackett (613), Graham Mingst (578), Dan Fishkind (509), Russell Bertels (497), John Mingst (395), Augie Lacorazza (391), Todd Roth (378), Dom Trincali (344) and Ed Trainor (321). For the x-class (non-Porsche class) the top three drivers compete against each other. The x-class field con- sists of Jose Arroyo (424), Yensen Tam (337) and Eliot Weiss (324).
The two final events of the season, Octo- ber 28 and November 3 and are both at Tobay Beach. Hopefully the weather will be great. Hope to see you out there.

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