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This one should have been named the Mur- phy’s Law Autocross. Whatever could have gone wrong did go wrong. Who would have thought our lot would be taken over by Cirque Du Soliel and then the lot we
were moved to would have a flea mar- ket on it. Yes a flea market! I could have named the event the Tube Sox Autocross as well. Or maybe the Long Island Mara- thon Autocross because that was anoth- er event that got in our way. A big thank you to the security and parking crew from the NYCB Live at the Nassau Veteran’s Coliseum. Not that they will read this but they were a big help in ensuring that those around the autocross would be safe.
The weather held out for the event and it didn’t start to rain until I was pulling out of the coliseum. Rich Wayne designed the course and fifty-two drivers showed up and got eight tries to drive their fastest time.
Here’s how the day played out:
Todd Roth brought his Panamera down and drove it like it wasn’t his. He took the win in S01 with a time of 39.975 seconds. Mitch Hackett came in second with a time of 41.189 seconds. William Abrams took the win in S2 with a time of 42.706 sec- onds. I took the win in four-driver S3, in Steve Barlow’s car (Thanks Steve), with a time of 39.245 seconds. Steve Barlow came in second with a time of 42.042 sec- onds and James Azzinaro came in third with a time of 43.016 seconds. Spencer
Martin took the win in S05 with a time
of 38.834 seconds.
Returning autocrosser John Ragals squeaked out the win in P3 with a time of 41.790 seconds. Ed trainer took the win in P06 with a time of 40.062 seconds. Au- gie Lacorazza dominated three-driver P07 with a time of 39.923 seconds to beat out Ben Ohebshalom’s second place time of 40.144 seconds.
I02 found Tom Patrizio at the helm with a time of 41.726 seconds. Second place went to Jack Minot with a time of 44.002 seconds. Dominic Trengali took the win in I03 with a time of 41.139 seconds. Tim Mehta took the win in M01 in 40.174 sec- onds.
Five driver X1 found Yenson Tam in first place with a time of 40.201 seconds. Sec- ond place went to Matt Richter in 41.1451 seconds and third place went to Peter Duggan in 42.509 seconds. Thirteen driv- er X2 found course designer Rich Wayne on top with a time of 38.257 seconds. Rich’s time was good enough for FTD. Bryan Walsh took second place in 38.756 seconds and Skaria Thomas took third in 39.555 seconds. Ron Feinman took the win in fifteen-driver X3 with a 38.280 sec- onds trip around the lot. Anthony Compos took second in 39.628 seconds and Jose Arroyo took third in 41.162 seconds.
Despite all the troubles this was a good event. Our next event is the Father’s Day Autocross on June 17. If you bring your daughter or son to autocross they will au- tocross free for the day. The next event will be July 22 and then August 19th. I hope to see you all out there.
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