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 As the wheels turn the cones fall. This is going to be my new bumper sticker. I seem to be hitting more and more cones lately. Some would say that’s good as I am trying to shave off even more time by being more precise. They’re not the ones getting the penalties though. Whatever the case is, I will say the season is going along quite nicely. Our last event, “The fun in the Sun Autocross”, was nice and smooth. We didn’t’ wake anybody up at the Marriott and 44 drivers came out to get ten chances to hit more cones than I do. Some did and some didn’t. The course was designed the morn- ing of the event by Rich Wayne who was helped by various other people who feel that putting the cones down gently makes then friendlier later as they drive by. Actu- ally, I am sorry to say I can’t remember who else helped with the course. I am sure Jack Minot was in there and I think Russell Ber- tels had a hand in there as well. If I forgot anybody else I’m sorry. Nonetheless, here are the results.
Todd Roth took the win right out of the gate dominating three driver S1 with a 45.515 second trip around the lot. Todd also earned the Fastest Pax of the Day. Second place went to Mitch Hacket who put down a 47.057 second run. Manny Gonzales took the win in S2 with a time of 49.903 seconds. Manny is usually in the class by himself so he brought his son just so he had somebody to beat. Dan Fishkind (yours truly) took the
Andre Cerquiera, a newcomer with a 914 took the win in P1 in 48.168 seconds. Gra- ham Mingst, another driver beating up on his son, took the win in 48.065 seconds. Nolan seemingly is getting the hang of this so watch out Graham. P3 was dominated by Russell Bertels with a time of 47.093 sec- onds to take his two-car class. Tom Patrizio took the win in I02 with a time of 48.033 sec- onds.
Skid remarks
win in two driver S3 with a time of 47.337 seconds and Greg Wise took the win in S5 in 49.338 seconds.
Seven driver X1 found Jonathan Weiss in front with a time of 45.788 seconds. Elliott Weiss took the second place spot in 46.499 seconds and third went to course design- er Rich Wayne. X2, with eighteen drivers, found Lex Kirichek in first place with a 44.12 second time. Vasken Chouberalian took the second place spot with a time of 45.034 seconds and third went to Bryan Walsh with a 45.450 second time. Six-driver X3 was dominated by Matt Klein with a 44.866 sec- ond time to beat out Ron Feinman’s second place time of 45.672 seconds. John Lood took the third place spot with a 45.911 sec- ond trip around the lot.
What’s next? Thanks for asking. Next we have the zone 1 Autocross which takes place in Ayer Massachusetts it the Fort De- vens Air force Base. This is an awesome high speed event. A new course each day, a BBQ Saturday night and the region chal- lenge. This event cant’ get any better. If you’ve been to the Zone 1 event before you’ll want to come again. If you haven’t, you still need to come. Besides being two great driving courses, we have loads of fun. Please feel free to contact me for any de- tails. I hope to see you all there.

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