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 Concours Corner by Joseph Tunkel
By the time you read this, the first Con- cour of the year will have taken place at the Vanderbilt Planetarium. It’s a Zone 1 event and was the culmination of a weekend of Porsche Events starting with a reception on Friday evening, a Rally on Saturday, and the Concour on Sunday. This is the second year that the Metro Region has hosted this weekend and I suspect a good time was had by all.
In preparation for this event that usually hosts a large number of P cars as it in- corporates all of Zone 1, a Cars and Cof- fee followed by a Concour Judges work- shop was held at Autosport Designs in Huntington Station on Saturday, July 14.
Autosport Design gave club members the chance to see a host of rare and desirable cars, including Porsches, but also Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, Fer- raris and even a very rare and desirable Toyota GT 2000. There were a number of people in and out for the cars and cof- fee, and Autosports put out a wonderful spread of coffee, bagels and pastries that everyone enjoyed.
At about 11am, the Concour Judges work- shop began. It was very well attended with over 20 members present to learn how to properly judge a Concour. John Orrico led a very complete and thorough discussion on how to judge a car at a Concour and what to look for when doing so. He was very well received and every- body enjoyed the discussion. There was some lively discussion (yes, lively about judging and cleaning cars!) around judg- ing low mileage cars and higher mileage cars in the same class, what counted as a ‘ding’ that would result in a deduction of points and how many and a number of other ‘what if’ situations – many the Con- cour team had never thought of before. Autosports again stepped up and let us demonstrate how to judge and specific ‘trouble’ areas to look for on a 911 and a 944 (?) that they had on the shop floor. Having these cars available to be able to show the members what to look for on the different types of body styles was a tre- mendous bonus. Many members being new to the idea of judging a Concour re- ally appreciated being able to use these cars as learning aides as they could ac- tually see the things we were speaking about as opposed to just picturing them in their minds.
All in all a great time was had by all at- tendees, after all, how can you not enjoy a morning hanging around, touching and inspecting up close and personal six and seven figure sports cars of all makes and eras?
Until next month – Wax On – Wax Off!

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