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Track Ramblings
weather with the windows down the air conditioning kept us comfortable.
The car I drove had the PDK transmis- sion rather than the manual 6-speed.
In a word I can say this it is magnificent on the track. Its upshifts occur in a split- second and it downshifts all by itself while you are braking [I had it in Sport+ mode], with complete smoothness. No more heel-and-toe! This allows the driver to concentrate on consistent threshold braking. WOW, would be a good way to describe it.
HPR is a unique track in several ways. Firstly, it is owned by five car clubs, of which RMR-PCA is one. It is mostly used by the clubs and sometimes rented out for other activities. It also has an opera- tional feature which is new to me: it has about a dozen flag stations of which only two are manned. The others are all op- erated by remote control. Each of these has a large LED light display board about 5 feet tall and 1 foot wide. Central control communicates to these displays, which are solar powered, by radio. Each of the standard flags has an analogous LED display – if all the lights are solid yellow, that is a standing yellow; if they are blinking it is a waving yellow, and so on. The one unusual display is a flash- ing red and blue – this is a Black Flag All (to mean all cars slow down and enter the pits) since you can’t very well dis- play black lights! (The actual meatball flag, used to inform a driver that there is a mechanical issue with his car, is dis- played at the 2 manned stations.)
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friend who owns a 2017 911 GTS sug- gested that we attend the PCA Rocky Mountain Region (RMR) DE event in July. Naturally I was enthusiastic about this idea.
I am writing this ar- ticle from Colorado where I spend part
of each summer. It
is very lovely here with lots to do, par- ticularly hiking, biking and golf (if you’re a golfer). The flip side of course is that I
am far away from my Boxster and the tracks that I love to visit. Fortunately, a
High Plains Raceway (HPR) is an hour east of Denver. I had been to this same event last year with another friend in
his Macan S, and I found the SUV to be quite powerful and surprisingly good in the turns. My only complaint was that the brakes got overwhelmed, with smoke billowing off the calipers. The track spe- cializes in decreasing radius blind-apex downhill turns which need considerable study to negotiate them properly. Also, some of the turns have very few visual clues to help you judge your braking points.
I’ll start by saying that the 911 GTS, even in fully stock form, is a superb everyday driver and track car. It has lots of power (450hp), excellent brakes, and wonderful handling even when outfitted with run- flat Pirelli tires. Best of all, in 95-degree

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