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About our Cover
Peter Portanova- Membership Chair
I was at one our Metro NY board meetings re- cently speaking about, what else, Porsche’s, with Marc Campisi, our former President, when he began showing me a few paintings of Porsche owners cars. It was immediately clear to me that these paintings were like nothing else I’ve ever seen, from the interpretation of the car in paint to the vibrant colors that appeared to leap from his phone.
I immediately thought of contacting this obviously talented artist, Tanja Stadnic and ask her via e- mail, (she lives in the Netherlands), if she would consider commissioning a painting for the Metro NY Porsche Club to commemorate our 60th an- niversary as a chapter of PCA. She was excited about the project, having never been asked to create a painting of a Porsche for a newsletter cover.
The next step was to find a Porsche owner that owned a 356 which represented the cars that were available when our chapter was founded. I remembered seeing a stunning 1964 356C Cab, Light Ivory/Blue/Blue top at the Driven to America event in 2018. The car was owned by Tom Papa- dopoulos of Autosport Designs, he was gracious enough to set time aside to have the car profes- sionally photographed to submit to Tanja to begin her creative process of creating a one of a kind Porsche painting. In a short amount of time and after a few consultations with me what you see on our cover is a photo of the 356 completed in her Acrylic Art.
If you haven’t come across her work already, Tanja’s Acrylic art features stunning paintings of Porsche’s in her instantly recognizable style. She has a strong and continually growing presence in this area and Porsche enthusiasts commis- sion her to have their car immortalized in her art. Tanja’s typical assignment involves a visit with the owner for some background details about makes their Porsche special to them. If you would like to see more of Tanja’s work visit her site, www.Tan- or her Instagram and Facebook pages.
The entire Metro NY Porsche Club thanks Tanja Stadnic for this very special work of art.
  Magnus Walker and Tanja Stadnic with one of her paintings at the Porsche Classic Center in Atlanta

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