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 Trekking With Stew &
the treks are generally published on the calendars of both the magazine and the website early in the year so people can plan in advance if they want to participate. As registrations (which must be accompa- nied by the requisite trek fee and include lunch) are received, we send confirmation emails stating that we received it and ask you to confirm our email so we can be sure that we have your correct email address and you will receive our future emails.
by Stew and Sue Teichman
I am writing this article the week before our first trek of the season to which we got a tremendous response. This could be one of the largest treks we have ever done and I am just grateful that the res- taurant we chose for this trek has such a large capacity.
After two season’s hiatus from the plan- ning and executions of this program for the club, I thought it might be helpful to give an explanation of the Trek Program...what it is all about and what goes into making this a viable program for you. So, I will start with the basics.
A trek, or tour as it is known in other PCA chapters, is typically a one day road trip (and sometimes an overnight or week- end). It is basically a non speed oriented drive in the country encompassing great roads and beautiful scenery; and when the opportunity presents itself and the condi- tions are right, a little spirited driving. This is followed by a nice meal and a chance to socialize with other Porsche owners.
Typically we plan two day treks per season and try for one overnight or weekend as well. It takes weeks to plan a single trek in order to ensure that all of the elements for a successful outing are achieved. First, Sue and I choose a particular region of the New York Metropolitan area and then try
Next, Sue will spend many hours on Google Satellite and Google Maps finding roads that have plenty of “S Curves”, lim- ited or no shopping malls, low traffic po- tential and generally good scenery. Then we will do the route multiple times to make sure that there are no unpleasant stretch- es, dirt roads, map inaccuracies, road clo- sures or paving projects. We will then do the route one last time in the Porsche to get accurate turn by turn mileage to create the final route sheet that we give out to all participants the day of the trek. Of course, there are the National PCA requirements we must fulfill in terms of various bits of paperwork and such. Then about one week before the trek we send out an e- mail with the final instructions of where we will be meeting and at what time. We know that sometimes people get anxious but we really can’t send this last email un- til the week before the trek after we do the last run and make sure the route does not need to change which might impact our meeting and departure time.
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to find a destination restaurant or hotel (if it is longer than a day trek) that looks ap- propriate for our event. This means that it needs to be in an area where we can find good roads, have good food, ample capacity for comfortable dining and good parking for our Porsches. Then, we create a flyer which we will have published in the Porsche Post and on the website. This flyer contains the registra- tion form. The dates for

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