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(TREKKING, Teichman’s continued)
On the day of the trek everyone should make sure they show up with plenty of gas in their tanks as there will be no stops for gas along the way. Before departing on the trek there will be a quick briefing where we will outline the safety issues and plan for the day. We will stop about 90 minutes into the trip and take about a 20-30 minute rest stop where bathrooms and usually coffee is available. Since ev- erybody will have a printed route guide with turn by turn instructions to the tenth of a mile (though there will probably be some variation from car to car) it will be easy to follow even if we get separated at a light or by traffic. And that does hap- pen so make sure your navigator knows where you are on the route guide. We will always have a “sweep” car to bring up the rear and in case of any difficulties every- one will have our cell phone numbers and address of the destination.
If there is one thing I would like you to keep in mind, however, is that Sue and I, as well as all of the officers and other program chairs in the club are volunteers. Most, if not all of us, have full time jobs, families, hobbies, take vacations, and have other interests and commitments as well. As you can see the Trek Program and all of the other programs the club has to offer take a lot of time to put together and put together well. So if we are a little slow in getting the acknowledgement or response you are waiting for please keep this in mind. And if you want to recognize us for the hard work we do, please partici- pate in the programs. Try one you haven’t tried before and consider volunteering to help in some way or another. The help is
always appreciated. Remember, the peo- ple and their participation is what makes our club so strong.
Finally, we now have the second trek destination locked in. We will be going to The White Horse in Marbledale, CT. It is a great authentic English style pub and restaurant located in the beautiful north- western part of Connecticut. It has been described as a fine “restaurant disguised as a pub” and has won Connecticut Mag- azine’s award for “Best Lunch” and “Best Brunch” as well as multiple other awards. This part of Connecticut was recommend- ed by one of our members, Tom Dorf, and when Sue and I drove up there we imme- diately knew that this was where we had to trek next. The roads are great and the scenery is beautiful and the pub is fantas- tic. The parking is ample and the lunch that we had there was excellent. We will have a private room but the capacity in that room is limited to about 55 or so peo- ple...any more and we will have to spill out into another room. So I would rec- ommend getting your registrations in as quickly as possible. I think this is going to be one of our best treks ever. Look for the flyer in this issue of the Porsche Post or the website and in the meantime, with all of the nice weather we now have, Keep on trekkin’.

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