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When track guys gather and start to talk of go- ing to an event there is an heir of excitement that begins almost immediately. When the usual sus- pects started talking of going to Road Atlanta this past fall it was no different.
Another trip, this one a nice surprise for a couple of reasons. We had never run with Chin (anoth- er event organizer) nor had we ever traveled to Road Atlanta at this time of year, November.
There was only one downside to attending this event. To have the cars in Braselton Georgia on time the crew and I would have to leave on Thanksgiving Day . As soon as I mentioned the trip to the guys there was no question. “We’re in” they exclaimed, almost in unison.
We decided to leave base Rudtner’s at 12:00 on Thanksgiving. We’d be having our turkey dinner at a truck stop. Now that’s commitment. Crew- man David Negron (I must apologize for miss- spelling David’s name in my previous column) drove the F-250 pulling the 42ft Feather-light. Crewman Brian McGrath rode shotgun in the mo- torhome with me as I drove the Motorhome/trailer combination. In all we had five cars. In the 40ft stacker trailer were the GT-3 (turned into a Cup) of Richard Lambert along with the 2007 Turbo of Bill Wenzel and the 996 Cup of Joe Doria. In the 42ft trailer were the 2005 Cup of George Marka- dakis and my 2007 Cup.
We took our time traveling down to Georgia and arrived at Road Atlanta a little later than I would have liked. We arrived at 3:46pm on Friday. The line to get in to the track was three across and 20 trailers deep at the least. We were last and rain
was in the forecast for the overnight. Once in and parked, as Hoyle would have it, the rain started just as the crew started to unload the cars. We decided to leave George’s Cup and my Cup in the 42-footer for overnight as they had no side windows. Joe Doria’s Cup also stayed in.
I was waiting for word that the guys had landed as we un-hooked the F-250 from the 42ft trailer so we could all have dinner together. We always look forward to a nice dinner to end the day. All the drivers were hungry when they landed in At- lanta so they grabbed a bite near the airport. Dave wasn’t feeling well so he stayed in at the hotel so it was just Brian and I for dinner. Whenever we stay in Buford I like to eat at Ted’s so Ted’s it was.
It had rained over night so the track was cold and wet in the morning. George, Joe and I sat tight while Richard and Bill with street type tires in- stalled took to the track. We were all so excited to get on the track. Sitting around waiting for a “dry line” to develop was killing us as none of the guys had been here before. The weather held and we were soon on track. Being first timers with Chin we were put into the intermediate group. Not a bad place to start considering the track was new to most but after that first session it was clear that we needed to advance. We hunted out the CI and asked to be moved up. We talked for a bit of our experience and he made it very easy. “Here guys, take this simple test”. He handed us two sheets of paper.
One was a test of the meaning of the flags. The other, “Fill out where all the flag stations are lo- cated at Road Atlanta”. We all looked at each other. We had only been on track for one ses- sion! Joe Doria actually passed. I wondered how he did that. I think we all wondered that. I filled out the flag questionnaire quickly. I then took my best guess at the positions of all 12 flag stations. I handed in the first sheet to the C.I.
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Driven for Speed Bill Rudtner, Chief DE Instructor

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