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North Country Update Ed Reiner - north region director
Supercar night is back at Pepe Porsche of Larchmont. On Thurs- day, June 21st, Pepe Porsche of Larchmont will be hosting its an- nual supercar night of music, food and cars.
We have a bunch of
other events planned for the northern region of Metro. This in- cludes another Cars and Coffee at Ren- nwerke in July and we are trying to find a venue for a concours. We are continu- ing to find venues for us here in the north country. Please keep checking back to the online calendar and look for updates. The Westchester coffee runs will be back
sometime this summer for some back road adventures for coffee and breakfast.
Still seeking - Publicity Chair
This is our liaison between the club and the media. Responsibilities include: Plac- ing press releases, notices and articles as appropriate to publicize club events; monitoring and reporting on the publica- tion of press releases, notices and ar- ticles; photographic coverage of events; and preparation of a monthly article for publication in the Porsche PANORAMA, “From the Regions.”

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