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Since new members are the future of Metro and PCA, we’ll be focusing on their unique stores of how they acquired their P-car and became members.
New member Robert Gayer of Wantagh was gifted a membership by Jerry Scro, his long time friend and Metro member since 2014. When Robert’s car information was posted, a 1984 Red 944, we were intrigued, as you don’t see owners of 944’s joining very often these days. In Rob- ert’s words, here is his story.
“Yes, it was a great find. The 944 was owned by my Uncle Chuck. He was the only owner and loved the car. He was not able to drive the car after a few surgeries and the car sat in his heated barn in Vermont and didn’t see the outside world for over 12 years.
When I first saw the car it was about 3 years ago. My Aunt told me that she wanted me to have the car but not until my Uncle passed. I went to pick it up this past February and rented a car transport. They had a lot of snow there. My Aunt’s neighbor came over to help me pull the car out of the barn with his tractor. He pulled it up to the house and I since I had the transport at the bottom of the hill, he released the car and I just let the car roll down the hill and it rolled up and on to the car transport!
After driving it to its new home on Long Island, I took the car to South Shore Performance in Freeport. I had them do whatever the car needed to bring it back to life. Water pump, timing belt, bearings, tires, all the filters and so much more. My Uncle loved the car and I wanted to make it like new again for him. I have every piece of paper work for it and yes, the 4 original spark plugs. No cracks, never smoked in or hit. The car has 93,000 miles, but is now like new and everything on the car works great.”
Robert sent us many pictures and here are just a few. (Pictures on page 52) The car appears to be in very concours ready condition and we hope to see it at some Metro events.
If you have an interesting story, send it to us with pictures. We’ll be looking to shine the “Member Spotlight” on many more members!

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