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Adele and Peter Portanova Great Marques Concours 2018
Imagine for a moment a box of crayons spread out on your table a multitude of seemingly endless col- ors, that is what the great lawn of Old Westbury Gardens looked like on September 23rd, 2018. Now replace those crayons with Porsches, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Ferrari, vintage race cars , trucks and a ring of Exotic cars, enough colors and shapes to overload your car senses; there are lots of pictures in the Memberandum column of this issue. If you were considering adding or replacing another P-car you could visit the displays of our sponsors, Collector Car Garage, Autosport Designs, Formula Mo- torsports or Roslyn Porsche. What’s an event without food, from Pizza to burgers, it was available for your enjoyment.
We ordered 75 Great Marques T shirts as a thank you for registering and they were all gone, in addi- tion to a lunch ticket and a photo of your car. If you brought your Porsche as a spectator there was free parking on the lawn, which filled up very quickly.
What is an event without participants; we had three Classes Street, Full Concours and Race. If we could, everyone deserved a trophy, that’s how well prepared the cars were, the judging was close often 1/10 of a point was the decider. The winners are: Tom Patrizio, 2012 Carrera GTS, Best in Show, and Race class with his 2007 Cayman S; Ken Silber, 1965 356 best in Street and Rich Modica, 2010 GT3, People’s Choice congratulations!
An event of this magnitude involves a year of planning and coordination and cooperation between the three Marques. The vision of the architects of this day is to build it to the level of an Amelia Island, those of us that saw the entire lawn filled with cars and attendees would agree that it’s certainly moving in that direction. John Orrico our tireless, well sometimes tired, Concours Chair did a Porsche quality job of putting all the pieces together, his team of Anne, Lisa & even young Charley Orrico, Joe Tunkel, Vinny Naro , Adele and myself with leadership from Dan Fishkind and Marc Campisi made this, argu- ably, our best Concours ever. I also want to thank Oliver Seligman, Mercedes Benz club, for his ever present patience with my 100 questions and Sherwin Deshong, BMW club, who designed the Great Marques Shirt with humor and great flexibility.
The volunteers are the lifeblood of any event, from our chief judge, Charles Mckeel and his team, to the scorers Jeff Goldberg and team and the early bird registration table run by Barbara Kasa and Brian Uckert; our club photographer for the day, Bob Demotta; without you guys there is no event. A big thank you to all!
As they say in show business, next year’s Great Marques event will be bigger and greater, we all hope to see you and maybe if you can help us as a volunteer we will be forever grateful.

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