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 From the Editor ED REINER
I believe I have driven my two cars about 3,000 miles this sum- mer. Some of these have been to Cars and Coffee, but a few have been our Metro events (Glen Cove Mansion and our Planes and Porsches, OWG) and a trip to Lime Rock. I did a lot of driving from Westchester to Long Island. In most cases, I am meeting new members. Each time, I find that I am working hard to memo- rize names and associate each person to their car. Sometimes, I remember the car more than its owner, but we all can understand this. Some of the members have also picked up new cars and I have to start over again.
On Sunday, September 16th, I got up at 5:30 am to head to Long Island to meet up with a bunch of Metro members to trek out to Bridgehampton for the Bridgehampton Historical Society car show.
(I love the smell of an empty Throgs Neck Bridge in the morning). As the lead car of a pack of 20 cars, I thought this would be an easy straight shot. But the early morning fog was so thick at 7:30 that we could only muster about 50 mph on Sunrise Highway without risking driving off the road or running in the back of a slow moving pick-up truck with no lights on.
The fog lifted when we got to Bridgehampton. The show was a blast and many exot- ics were on display on the grass. even a couple of vehicles that I am not sure are cars (see pictures in this issue). However Metro “represented” well with a fine cross section of cars from a classic 356 and a 993 Turbo to a new GT3 Touring, assorted Carreras and a few Cayman S’s for good measure. You can also see them on the Metro Face- book page. The ride back was part of the fun....nothing beats Sunrise Highway with a Pride of Porsches going westbound with cars turning off when their exit comes up. It is just majestic.
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Cover: Tom Patrizio, 2012 Carrera GTS, Best in Show at Old Westbury Gardens Photo credit - Artus Tadevosyan
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