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 Then again on the 23rd, Metro and other marques hosted the Old Westbury Gardens Concours. Approximately 150 Porsches were on hand with a terrific showing with a great cross section of cars from some pretty sweet 356’s to a number GTs (2,3,4 and S’s) along with a group of Turbos. Some highlights of the event are included in this issue but is was very exciting to see so much member involvement. We buffed and polished until there was not a spec of dust left on our cars. Despite the cloudy weather, many of the cabriolets had their tops down. Let’s applaud the positive thinking.
We had a greater number of sponsors this year and I got to see first hand some tweaks and enhancements along with some pretty substantial performance upgrades. The number of intake and exhaust systems did not go unnoticed. It made me think that we may need to have another technical session to be scheduled soon.
The camraderie over our cars is obvious. The need to be shiny is undeniable. The passion for the marque is in our DNA. The bird who divebombed my ‘86 Carrera in the Starbucks parking on lot on my way down to Old Westbury better be on alert.
Yet even with the season winding down, we still have a active calendar. There is one more rally, one more Cars and Coffee, more Autocross and the Driven to America event. A few more things are in the works so keep your collective eyes on the calender on the Metro website. It is up to date and things will be added that will keep our cars out of storage.
Lastly, please send photos to me you want to share with the membership. Happy to publish them with a caption; please send to [email protected]
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