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Zone 1 & Metro New York Region Rally and Concours d’Elegance at the Vanderbilt. Please register in time. In between, we have Autocross, Rallys and DE. This will be an action-packed summer of fun with our cars.
I had the opportunity to get my 997.2 Carrera 4 Cab on the Merrit Parkway in Con- necticut this past weekend. This is a highway with no shoulder which “suggests” that there is no real speed control on this highway. Some of us call it the “autobahn of New England” and it is very wide, very hilly, and very smooth. A perfect highway for Porsche. Unfortunately, it is a highway for people out of control....even while at speed with the wing up and the car at 3500 rpm in sixth gear, there are people who think that trying to pass me at a sustained speed of 100+ mph on a public highway is ok. Please exercise caution and keep a level head, especially on crowded highways. Not sure why the presence of a Porsche is a signal to tailgate, drive recklessly or even show off. A woman aggressively tailgating me in a blue Suburu WRX as I got
off the Parkway was pulled over by a Connectcut State Trooper while she was on her phone with it up to her ear. Let’s try to stay safe this season.
Lastly, we are seeing a surge in new members. Please check out the length of our new member list at the back of this issue. This means we want to encourage our new members to come to the New Member meeting so we can properly welcome you all to the fold. And, please take advantage of our advertisers, they want to hear from you, too.
Stay Up-to-date and informed about Metro Events through E-mails
National PCA needs your e-mail address, in order to enable our President, Dan Fish- kind, to send out his e-mail blasts, which announce changes or new events. All mem- bers can log on to quite easily.
Alternatively, send your e-mail to [email protected] and it will be entered for you. Many members joined a few years back when e-mails were not so important and may not have even had an e-mail (heaven forbid). So please check to see if Na- tional has yours. If not, please register it today so you won’t miss one of Dan’s friendly and inspiring announcements!
Thank you, Adele Portanova

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