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 because it opens before field 4). The trip down in my 997.2 was “spirited” since there is
little traffic on the Wantagh Parkway at 7:30 am. What a terrific ride over the Causeway with the smell of the bay/ocean and the spectacular view before crossing the bridge to the roundabout. When mixed with the sound of the “screaming 6” along side the muscle cars headed to Captree, I could not have timed this any better. (Is it my imagi- nation or does Long Island have a preponderance of Corvettes?). Best part is that I got a first “end” space in the parking lot.... a “win win”. I left before noon to head over to the Mansion at Glen Cove but the line trying to get to the beach was backed up as one would expect.
With the Zone 1 weekend behind us, our Zone 1 President Mike Bryan sent this note to Metro to thank us for a job well done. “What a fun weekend it was, thanks to your months of hard work and co-operation that made the Zone 1 / MNY Concours & Rally a success. .....The dinners, the drive through such a lovely part of Long Is- land and the busy Concours with all those gleaming Porsches in such a perfect setting, made it a memorable and special event.” Thanks, Mike.
And lastly, I realize I am becoming obsessive compulsive about cleaning my cars. I am facinated by the new foaming, cleaning, washing apparati that have entered the market. Please pay attention to the expert advice provided herein, we want to stay shiny. Ironically, I won the raffle at the second trek, just what I neeeded....more clean- ing supplies!
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Alternatively, send your e-mail to [email protected] and it will be en- tered for you. Many members joined a few years back when e-mails were not so important and may not have even had an e-mail (heaven forbid). So please check to see if National has yours. If not, please register it today so you won’t miss one of Dan’s friendly and inspiring announcements!
Thank you, Adele Portanova

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