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A Long Way From Home
It’s nice to get away. I was invited by my friend who got me in- volved in the Porsche Club, Tom Radow, to come see what things are like in his region. His draw...Patrick Long. The invitation came in the form of, “The president of one region should visit another region to see
how things are run.” Tom moved away about eight years ago to Denver, Colorado. He was supposed to rent for a year and then decide if he wanted to buy a house and stay. Within six months he was a homeowner. I only got to see him again when he came in for a wedding and attended an autocross for old times’ sake. On a side note Tom hot me involved in autocross and then we bot started to do DE’s. I decided to jump at the chance and hop on a flight to see him, and who can pass up an opportunity to see Patrick Long speak.
As expected, Patrick didn’t disappoint. The talk took place at the Columbia University IMAX theater. The format was a question and answer/interview. One of the interviewers hap- pened to meet Patrick years ago when Patrick was looking for a ride in a Vintage Race. He approached this car owner and asked for a co- ride. The car owner, whose car was still in the restoration stage and not quite right said what anybody else would say to a pro race car driv- er, “Not now.” He refused to share his ride then but promised Patrick a co-drive when the car was sorted out. He made good on his promise and he and Patrick became good friends. This made for a very pleasant question and answer session in which Patrick was led to tell many
behind the scenes stories of his racing ex-
periences with his friend and on the pro circuit. He then fielded questions from the 200 mem- ber audience. Questions ranged from his fa- vorite cars and tracks to strategies and specific races. Patrick also spoke about sports psy- chology and it is amazing to hear what he has to put up with during a race and how he deals. It was definitely worth the trip to Denver to hear him speak and I would urge you to go listen to him if you ever have the opportunity.
Club Stuff:
June is almost over and despite Mother Na- ture’s reluctance to turn on the heat, summer is fast approaching. There are some really excit- ing things on the horizon in the way of events. Besides Supercar Night on June 21 hosted by Pep Porsche in Larchmont, the Cars and Cof- fee at the Melville office on June 30, the NJMP DE on July 2-3, there is the much-anticipated New Member Meeting which will take place at the American Airpower Museum in July 8th. At this event all the activity chairs will talk in depth about their events and answer any ques- tions that members might have. This event is for new members as well as current members. Peter and Adele Portanova, our membership chairs have done a great job setting up this event.
The following week is the Vintage Rally. Rally Master Rich Mooers has put together a great route which will start at the Park and Ride at Exit 58 on the Long Island Expressway and end at the Osprey’s Dominion Vineyard which is on the North Fork. Each car will get a free bottle of wine and there will be a car show at the Vineyard. On July 28-29 is the Zone 1 Ral- ly and Concours, which Metro is sponsoring.
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