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What a month for events. The Zone 1 weekend was awe- some. Consisting of both a Rally and a Concour many peo- ple took advantage and came out for fun. Rally Master Rich Mooers, designed another masterful ral- ly which both enter- tained and frustrated participants. He took us through beautiful roads with incredible
Long Island scenery. Then what could be frus- trating? The rally participants were required to answer questions based on what they saw but there are certain rules that have to be followed. For example nothing on the left side counts or anything on a mail box or it’s supporting struc- ture counts. Well leave it to Rich to find a mailbox being supported by a building. This makes nothing on the building seeable. So of course Rich asked of we saw the building num- ber 741B. Everybody got that wrong. Sneaky sneaky sneaky. All his tricks we revealed at the Zone 1 dinner at Bertucci’s. The food was endless and guest speaker Bruce Schwartz came to fill us in on how he started Stoddard, a Porsche Parts supplier.
The concour at the Vanderbilt Mansion was the second event of the weekend. Cars lined the lawn of the mansion waiting to be judged. John Orrico, Concour Chair paired up with Jeff McFadden, NNJR Concour chair, to put on a great event. The was such a great event that some people arranged to bring two cars to show. The scenery was spectacular and awards were given out to the cars which domi- nated their class.
Member day was a huge success. Over fifty beautiful cars lined the back lawn of the Glen
Cove Mansion with some displayed under the massive tent. But as the saying goes, “It’s not onlythecars,it’sthepeople.”Onehundredand twenty people showed up on what felt like the hottest day of the year. The pool was filled to capacity with people and the shade was a valu- able commodity. Many new members came as well, which is always a nice thing to see. Live musicfilledtheairasanacousticguitarplayer sang both old and current songs. She even snuck in some rap tunes in a unique unplugged style and only those who knew the words were aware of what she had done. Awards were given for different categories, Nicest Wheels, Best Shine, Car most likely to be on a teen- ager’s bedroom poster and Fastest looking car while standing still. Shirts and mugs display- ing our old and new logo from our Metro Mart were also raffled off. The BBQ was great with plenty of food to go around. A big thanks to the Glen Cove Mansion for hosting another great Member Day. People left satisfied and asked if this will be a yearly event. This year was better than last year so of course the logical answer is yes.
Elections time will be here before you know it so once again if you feel you’d like to get more involved and stand for an executive board po- sition feel free to contact the Nominating Com- mittee. Their contact information can be found in this issue. Our club is only as good as it’s people so please step up and volunteer.
Many great events are on the horizon. Come out and get involved in driving our social events. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I hope to see you all at an event.
Regards, Dan

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