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Skid remarks
in two-driver S3 with a time of 34.383 seconds.
Our largest Porsche class, P2, with seven drivers found Graham Mingst in first place with a time of 33.113 seconds, just ahead of brother John who drive the course in 33.749 seconds. Third place went to JR (John) Mingst with a time of 34.733 seconds. Michael Kane took the win in two-driver P3 in 33.372 seconds and Anthony Howell took the win in two driver P6 with a 33.041 second time. In another family battle,
Paul Martino returned to the world of autocross defecting from the Ford team to Team Martino.
He took the win driving his dad’s Cayman R with
a time of 32.186 seconds to beat out his dad and
car owner Anthony Martino who drove the course
in 33.442 seconds. Spencer Martin took the win
in P7 in 31.034 seconds over Ben Ohebshalom
who drove the course in 31.837 seconds.
In our Improved classes, Tom Patrizio domi-
nated the I2 class with a time of 34.392 seconds. Yanni Kouzilos took the win in I3 with a time of
31.380 seconds and Todd Roth took M2 with a
time of 30.972 seconds.
Three driver X2 found Johan Lood in first place with a 32.306 second run and Elliot Weiss a close second with a 33.155 second run. Matt Pilat took the win
in five-driver X2 in 32.329 seconds to beat out Juan Ospina;s time of 35.039 seconds. Nelson Qu took third with a 35.840 second run. Twelve driver X3 was dominated by Matt Klein who drove the course in 29.699 seconds. This time earned Matt fastest time of the day. I don’t know how going so fast can be enjoyable. The enjoyment comes from driving so I spend so much more time on the course than Matt does. I get my money’s worth. Anyway, I digress. Second place went to Faraz Ahmed with a 31.833 seconds and Jose Arroyo took third place in 32.190 seconds.
Our next event will be on August 18 at the Nassau Coliseum. It is going to be another great event. That is followed by the Zone 1 autocross which will take place at Fort Devens Airforce Base in Ayer Massachu- setts on September 14 ad 15. That is a great event that you won’t want to miss. There will be a different high-speed course each day with a BBQ Saturday night. It’s a great driving event as it is on a great big smooth surface. Don and Barbara Coburn, our Zone 1 Autocross BBQ chefs, do a fantastic job for us. It’s not too late to sign up so please see the flyer in this issue for details. Please let me know if you have any questions. Hope to see you all there.
Smooth as silk...finally. This is how the Fun in the Sun autocross ran. The timing equipment, timing program and live timing all ran flaw- lessly. It was great to cross the finish line and have your time available on your phone along with everybody else’s time. This is a great addition as everybody is in control of the information they want to view. They can look at in-
dividual driver times or sort by class, raw time or Pax time. This also saves on paper results do not need to be printed out.
A big shout out to Russell Kremens who came out to do the course even though he was not participating in the event. The course was quite enjoyable according to those who drove. This was an intimate event with 48 drivers showing up to enjoy the nice weather while competing against their fellow enthusiasts. The thing that made this such a great event is that we had twen- ty-eight Porsches attend which is a recent record. I am so happy to see the Porsche attendance growing as for a while attendance was down. It appears that Porsche participation is becoming stronger and I am looking forward to the day where we have enough Porsches to run a Porsche only event. For those of you who don’t know or remember, we used to limit non-Porsche to 15 cars as we had so many Porsches in attendance. The only downside to the event was for a quick instant mother nature was not too kind to us and decided to blow away our EZ-up in true Wiz- ard of Oz style. One second it was over our heads protecting us from the hot sun and the next, it was flying onto the course only to land and continue rolling away eluding those chasing it like an important piece of paper that blows away every time you bend down to pick it up. It definitely wasn’t in Kansas anymore. And now for the moment you have all been waiting for, the results.
S1, with four drivers was dominated by Mitch Hackett with a time of 33.964 seconds. Mitch upgraded his headlights and I guess this helped him find his way around the course better. Anybody have new Cay- man lights for me? Taras Likhtanskyy took second place with his old headlights in a 34.947 second trip around the course and returning autocrosser Ed Silhan’s time of 35.384 seconds sat him in the third- place spot. Manny Gonzales took the win in S2 with a time of 35.351 seconds and Robert Levy took the win

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