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Skid remarks
Mitch Hackett finished the day on a good note in first place in Class S1 with a time of 43.021 sec- onds. Three driver S2 found Manny Gonzales in first place with a time of 47.357 seconds to beat out Jamie Frank’s second place time of 48.609 seconds. Derek McKane took the win in his two car class of S3 with a time of 43.363 seconds. Josh Ohebshalom took the win in S5 with a
time of 43.39 seconds.
Andre Cerqueira took the win in S1 with a 42.589 second trip around the parking lot. Four-car P2 was dominated by Graham
Mingst in 43.026 seconds while son Nolan Mingst took the second-place spot in 45.080 seconds. Bill Waltzer came in third place
with a time of 50.175 seconds. Michael
Kane took the first-place spot in P3 with a
time of 43.135 seconds and yours truly took
the win in two driver P6 with a time of 41.670 seconds. P7 was dominated by Ray Radow
in 46.066 seconds and Ben Ohebshalom took the win in P8 with a time of 40.227. Tom Patrizio took the win in two-driver I2 with a time of 41.841 seconds.
Rich Wayne dominated the X1 stable with a
time of 41.185 seconds to beat out the other 5 drivers. Jonathan Weiss took the second-place spot in 41.348 seconds and Dennis Gur took the third-place spot with a 413409 second time. It is notable that only .22 seconds separate first and third place. Seventeen driver X2 was dominated by Brian Walsh in 39.657seconds. Noah Vinas’ time of 40.760 seconds was good enough for the second-place spot and Christian Herrero took the win in 40.812 seconds. Matt Klein took the win in fifteen driver X3 with a time of 38.974 seconds. This time was good enough to earn him Fastest Time of the Day. Erwin Hitgano took the second- place spot (40.346) and Faraz Ahmet took the third-place spot in 40.611 seconds.
The Dog Days of Summer Autocross was a success for the participants but mostly a success for the small few who designed and set up the course. In the past my name has been associated with poor courses. So much so
that I do anything I can to stay away from design- ing. I am a much better
tweaker. You need a course tweaked and no- body else is around, then I’m your man. Every so often however, the perfect storm hits, and all the usual course designers are busy doing one thing or another or hiding from me. That was the case for this event. I got together the team of course setup guys and headed to the Nassau Coliseum without a plan. I have watched some of the best course designers just walk around and drop cones and that was what I thought I would do. I am so glad that it wasn’t only me so that way I wouldn’t have to take all the blame if the course wasn’t good. Well we all started laying cones down and then tweaked and modified what we did. It went much faster than I had expected. After it was done, we drove it a few times to see if it flowed, chalked it, drew it several times, picked up the cones and kept our fingers crossed it would be good enough and enjoyable. My plan the next day was to announce that Rich Wayne had done the course. This way, if people loved
it, I would confess Rich had nothing to do with it but, if it was awful, people would still feel it was
a great course but they just didn’t “get it.” Much to my surprise everybody seemed to love the course, so I give to you, without hesitation, the real course designers of the Dog Days of Sum- mer Autocross Course and a big thank you to Mitch Hackett, Michael Kane and Jeff Goldberg.
The weather was great except for the gust of wind that catapulted our EZ-Up across the park- ing lot toward some very nice cars. This was our second event and our second tent that took to the friendly skies. That didn’t stop fifty-six cars from enjoying a nice day consisting of ten runs on an awesome course. Here are the results.

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