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  Concours Corner
Paul Celentano, Concours Chair
When I caught wind on social media that Metro was looking for a concours chairperson, I knew it was time to heed the calling and offer up my time and 30 plus years of experience playing with these cars. I still remember one of the first concours events I attended (a spectator) back in the mid 1980’s as a poor college student, dreaming that one day, that rusty hulk of a 912 in my parents garage would be on the lawn there with all those glowing cars. Though that old 912 never made it to the lawn (the tin worm and mother earth reclaimed her), other Porsche’s I’ve owned did. Old Westbury Gardens, Vanderbilt and even Parade, when close by, were “must attend” events each year.
Since the early days of PCA and Metro, Concours has been a cornerstone
event for our members to participate in and my goal as chairman is to make
sure that it continues to be so. That said, I am very much aware of the need to move the program forward into the future. More events at different venues (hello Westchester and NYC...that includes Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island!), themed events and joint region events are things I have in the idea mill for the
year ahead. Of course, the Metro “staples” we have all loved over the years,
Old Westbury Gardens and a revamp of Vanderbilt are in the works. There is no denying that the “car show”, which Concours in not so technical terms is, has changed over the years. “Cars and Coffee”, “Meet Ups” and the like, are evolutions of the general theme and in many ways have come to dominate the show circuit
in recent years, what hasn’t changed is our enthusiasm to prepare and share our cars with fellow members, the general public and the next generation of Porsche enthusiasts.
I am looking forward to continuing the PCA tradition of concours, expanding it to embrace changing times but not losing the competitive nature that so many of us know and love. I welcome and importantly need our member’s input on what they would like to see in the year ahead, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected] Together we will make 2020 a banner year Metro Concours.
The sun rises and the fog lifts at Old Westbury Gardens as cars line up.

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