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Rocky Deluca
From the desk of the West Director
With the summer driving season in full swing, I hope all of our members have been able to get some great quality time behind the wheel. The past few weekends have been perfect weather for driving and cars seem to love the mild weather almost as much as we do!
I recently had the opportunity to do a rally from NYC to CT with a group of folks from NYC. While the rally consisted of many different types of cars and people from all walks of life, one conversation in particular stuck with me.
I arrived early and was chatting with one of the group leaders. He was driving a gorgeous BMW M4 GTS, but stopped to admire a few of the 911s in attendance. He grew up in Alabama and he was a self-described "muscle car and truck guy". He said he never understood the Porsche appeal and for the longest time, didn't have any interest in them at all; until he drove his first 911. He
said that after shifting the transmission into gear, hearing the engine behind him, and feeling the handling of the car, he finally understood. He told me that since that day, he's been a believer that "totally gets it" and will try to drive a 911 any chance he gets.
It reminds me a lot of the first time I drove a Porsche and I still get the same feeling each time I get behind the wheel of my car. All week, I look forward to sunny Saturday mornings and lazy Sunday afternoons when I can experience a bit of that Porsche magic (however long or short it may be).
It just goes to show that no matter what you currently drive or where your love of cars begins, a Porsche is unlike any other car on the road - driving one is truly a memorable moment for a car- lover from any corner of the car community.
We have some great fall events lined up for NYC, including a whiskey night, a cigar night, and a few members happy hours, so keep your eyes open for updates on our website, email blasts, Facebook, and Instagram accounts!
As always, feel free to reach out to me with any ideas or even if you'd just like to talk cars! Happy driving and catch you in NYC!
Rocky [email protected]
Instagram: @metronypca
Twitter: @metronypca

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