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by member Mike Acebo
Road Rally - Guided tour with a twist - Think you can’t read a map, don’t know north from south, get confused with right from left and have trouble with back seat drivers. Time to get over it, get your Porsche out and drive a Rally with Rich.
Most Metro Rallies are set up to drive through interesting roads and neighborhoods at normal speed. The routes take you through areas of interest with new sights and roads not normally driven by many
of us, locations you didn’t know existed on Long Island. The Vintage and Fall Foliage Rallies are set up as “Gimmick” rallies, not TSD rallies which require accurate timing, speeds and mileage calculations. These rallies are great to learn the basic rules and terminology used in rallies and get a feel for the rally masters tricks and traps set along the route.
A rally is a two person team event, a driver and a navigator. The driver will find their job is fairly simple, do what the navigator tells you to do. As a driver
or navigator pick your rally partner carefully. My navigator is my daughter Kyle as she can follow
rules well, check mileage carefully and knows just how much information I need to get to the next turn and what to help look for. She also can do the math and calculations for more difficult rallies. I am able
to take directions well, ask questions, accept orders to modify my speed, stop, slow down or other driving maneuvers. I drive, Kyle is in charge. My car, her rules.
We drive a 54 year old car with special needs prior to driving a rally. Often some maintenance is required. Tire pressure, lube the front end link & king pins, check transmission fluid, brake fluid, distributor timing and carb set-up. This is Saturday prep work. Those with newer cars I guess you would wash yours. No reason to not sign up. Equipment for a Gimmick really is basic, clip board, pen/pencil, colored markers and reading glasses. Some additional timing gear, maps and calculators are used on TSD rallies.
For any rally, even a “fun rally” Kyle and I have developed a system:
Get to rally start early enough to sign in and get the rally rules and course description.
Read the Rally Rules, Read them again!, together,
driver and navigator. Highlight important rules, here are some samples:
1. The following roads do not exist: parking lots, driveways, dirt roads, roads marked “ONE WAY”, “DEAD END”, “NO OUTLET”, and “PRIVATE” except for the start and finish.
2. All clues will be on your right or straight ahead as you approach them.
3. Clues do not exist on living things, vehicles, utility poles, mailboxes, nor the supporting structure for a mailbox.
4. Spelling and punctuation will be accurate.
Questions to answer are often related to our ability to read and remember the rules, for example;
DYS (Do You See) “NO trespassing”? A) Yes B) No. The answer is ‘No’, sign is on a telephone pole. See Rule 3.
How many Farm Tractors DYS (do you see) R/L (right or left). The answer is None, Rule 3, Clues do not exist on vehicles.
How Many “Liesure Village” DYS (do you see). The answer in None, Rule 4, Spelling is accurate.
Re-read the rules as you answer questions to make sure!
Another Rally Master trick is to ask a question immediately after making a turn which may have required concentration to find. You will be asked to look for an item on the next section and while you are busy congratulating yourself for finding the turn you missed the item to search for 20’ after the turn. You spend the rest of the section looking for what you already missed.
These are just a few things that make driving a rally fun. Your speed is most often slow, sometimes very slow as you pay attention to the questions. The directions are very accurate if you read them carefully. The time allotment is sufficient to complete the rally. You see things you will never see driving out to the North or South Fork for a getaway. The rallies end at a location where food and drink are available and plenty of socializing time is available and there is always an informal car show of the rally cars.
Join a Metro PCA Rally and take a drive, see some nice scenery, meet some other Porsche families.
Mike Acebo
Kyle Acebo
356 C Coupe (Pictures on Page 49)

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