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 (Track Ramblings, Continued from page 16)
The problem I knew I would be confronting in
a few minutes was the gatehouse at the entry
to the track – I would have to stop there, which meant that I would have to attempt to get the car going from rest in 5th gear, while also lugging my 1000 pound trailer. This would likely destroy the clutch and the car would be undriveable. And if I did survive that, I would still have to get over the bridge into the paddock. I guess the gods were on my side because I did surmount those chal- lenges, although the car reeked of burnt clutch. To shorten what was a very long and anxiety- filled story, I was able to get the car into third gear by going under the car and manually moving the shift selectors. The next day I drove home
the 260 miles in third gear. It was a loud 4 hour, 4000rpm journey, but I got home. Moral: There
is no clear moral to this story. All Porsches since the 996/986 911s and Boxsters use shifter cables and they can fail without any warning. A good idea may be to replace them every 4 years or so on heavily tracked cars.
The Shenandoah track at Summit Point is fas- cinating. It packs 17 turns into approximately 2 miles. (By contrast, Lime Rock has 7 turns in its 1.5 miles.) It even has a replica of the Nurbur- gring’s famous highly banked Karussell turn. I encourage everyone to experience Shenandoah. It is a challenge to learn and quite an adventure.
At Shenandoah a guy with a 911 parked next to me, so we got to talking. After a few minutes it developed that he is the nephew of a friend of mine. This illustrates the validity of the Porsche Club’s motto, “It’s not just the cars, it’s the peo- ple”. When you’re at an event, get out there and mingle. You’re sure to find interesting people.
Last year at the drivers meeting at a Summit Point Main DE, it was explained that while most of the track was dry, the serious rains overnight had created a stream which was running fully across the track at the blind exit of Turn 1, so we should be particularly careful there. The instruc- tors were the first group to go on track, and I was near the front of the pack. Sure enough, on the first lap right ahead of me one car charged full speed ahead through the stream, shot off the
track and hit the cement barrier. And the driver was an instructor! Moral: always pay attention at the drivers meeting and use good judgment when on track.
I’ll end this article in same spirit that I started with: If you are going to track your car, even if it’s only something you do a few times per year, you should make sure it is in good condition. Take
it to your Porsche dealer, independent repair place, or race shop, many of which advertise in the Metro POST, for a thorough going-over. Your Porsche is ready for track use as long as it is properly maintained. There is one set of modifica- tions I suggest for everyone (except for absolute first-timers) who attends track events. Replace the stock brake pads and fluid with track-oriented equivalents.
And don’t forget about Metro’s Summit Point Main Nov 1-2 DE event. It’s a great track. You can sign up at event-details.cfm?event_id=10096
I’ll see you at the track.
You can always contact me at [email protected] com with questions, comments, etc.
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