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Rally for fun
Street classes were near perfect. I had never judged in a Parade team before. Our class
was late 997.Water cooled full class scrutiny includes exterior, interior, complete trunk and battery, and front suspension. My area was rear suspension and lower engine parts. The main engine is not included because everything is enclosed. This is very fair in my opinion.
Tuesday was the Porsche Design TSD Rally. All I can say is in the last 5 years I had only competed in one TSD Rally. This without
a doubt was the most difficult rally I have navigated.
Wednesday Brenda and I enjoyed the beach and visited family. We returned for the Porsche Design TSD Rally Banquet
Thursday at 9:30 Am we started the Haggerty Gimmick Rally. It turned out to be a scavenger type hunt more than a Gimmick Rally by my definition. We traveled from Boca to Fort Lauderdale to find answers to questions experiencing over 3 hours of heavy traffic and over an hour of thunder storm rain. Pushing hard to answer all the questions in the allotted time we arrived at the last location of questions to find it had closed early. Bad luck, if you had gone there first you could have earned extra credit. Friday we set off for home with an easy return trip on the car train. They even gave the Porsche “priority” offloading when we arrived in Virginia.
My overall impressions: I was truly amazed by the organization of the events. I was told that over 1000 signs were placed to direct people. Workers were everywhere helping. If there is one thing that made the week for me it was being with the friendliest people anywhere.
Yours in the sport, Rich Mooers
The annual Vintage Rally was held on July 14th. Fifty-two teams set out to explore the North Shore and North Fork of Long Island. The weather was bright and sunny with few clouds. It was a near perfect day. Historically the Vintage Rally has always been scheduled for the weekend closest to Bastille Day. This year July 14th was Bastille Day (Ted Ohland’s tribute to vintage wine). The rally took cars
to some interesting places: Adirondack Drive with its hills, Whiskey Road with its twists and turns, Brookhaven Park (and Lab), Wildwood State Park (Fire Road looked like a driveway but was a one lane road), Iron Pier Beach (with an amazing view of Long Island Sound) and acres of vineyards. Osprey’s Dominion was
an exceptional host. As the cars arrived they were parked in three rows in front of the vines adjacent to our reserved picnic area. Each
car received a set of glass coasters (with the classic Metro logo) and a bottle of Osprey’s wine. Fun was had by all. Check out the results at
With the Vintage Rally over Brenda and I turned our attention to preparing for our trip to our first Porsche Parade in Boca Raton, Florida. We left Saturday morning and drove 300 miles to Lorton, Virginia where we boarded the Amtrak Car Train. Sunday morning we arrived in Sanford, Florida. When the 911 was off loaded we set out for Boca. We arrived at registration with plenty of time to spare (15 minutes) and joined in the festivities. First was a fantastic Zone 1 Party hosted by Pam and Mike Bryan. Top shelf appetizers and open bar! What a way to start off the week!! Thanks Mike and Pam
Monday was Concours Day. My time to be placed on the Golf Course was 7 AM but being a judge I had to be at a meeting at 7AM, but wait a minute. The 911 had traveled 1300 miles by road and train maybe it might need a little preparation for the Concours. I got up at 4 AM and went to a 24 hour car wash and spent 2 frantic hours cleaning and polishing that’s all the time I had to prepare. The day was amazing. The cars in the Restoration and full classes were incredible. The cars in the Touring and
- it was great. Then off to the opening banquet hosted by Pirelli Tires.

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