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With last Saturday’s Fall Foliage trek, another Metro PCA trekking season has come to an end. In fact, it is our seventh season of crafting and leading these tours. Though they are a lot of work to put together properly, they are a lot of fun and we certainly hope that everyone enjoys them. Although we were able to accommodate a couple of people who were on the wait list, there were still some that we had to turn away. These people were disappointed they were not able to participate and so was I. But month after month I stress the importance of getting your paid registrations in as quickly as you can because we have limitations on how many cars we can include and still have everyone enjoy a proper and safe driving environment. We are also limited by the restaurant capacity. Yet, there is always a handful of people who try to register a couple/few days before the event and these are the ones who typically get turned away due to the sold-out status.
The second half of the trek brought us through some familiar, as well as some new roads in and around Bear Mountain and Harriman State Park. These are roads that we never get tired of driving and always test our driving skills while providing beautiful scenery to distract the unfocused drivers. The trees had good color
This trek included about 36 cars and 65 people. Though the weather predictions promised rain for the entire week leading up to and including the day of the event, the morning arrived and we were once again blessed with fine weather. It was dry, partly cloudy and warm enough
So now that the club season is over, I intend to continue taking drives through new unexplored parts of the surrounding environs, perhaps even a little farther afield. I always like this time of the year because we are just driving for our own enjoyment and can veer off at any time on any road without worrying if it will fit into a cohesive route. There are no time restraints and we can stop anytime we like to admire a particular
for us to put our tops down. Did I mention
it was dry? The first half had us heading up
the Hutch to 684 where we quickly exited to begin our journey through the winding roads
of Westchester and Old Greenwich, CT. I’m talking about the parts where front lawns looked like state parks and homes looked like manor houses. We continued weaving back and forth between New York and Connecticut and followed
vista, waterfall or photo opportunity. And, even more exciting, as of tomorrow I will be doing it a new vehicle. But I will keep that under wraps until you show up at our next trek. So, in the meantime, just get out there and before winter comes, keep on trekkin’.(Pictures on Page 45)
Trekking with Stew & Sue Stew and Sue Teichman
 the roads less travelled. Rest assured we had plenty of “s” curves to navigate. Once again,
we were driving through areas populated prior
to the Revolutionary war as many of the homes, graveyards and churches attested to. After about an hour and a half we pulled in for our rest stop.
to them though I am not quite sure we hit peak foliage yet. After about another hour and a half of driving we made our way to the Cortlandt Colonial Manor for lunch. Evan, the owner, did
a wonderful job of putting a great lunch together that included several choices of entrees after helping ourselves to the soup and salad bar.
The lunch culminated with a choice of desserts until we were all stuffed to the gills. We all said our goodbyes and made our way home too full to even think about dinner.

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