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The summer is going by way too fast! As I write this article it is already August and I just can’t figure out how Fall can be just around the corner. But it is and Sue and I are already planning our Fall Trek. It will be the last one of the season and it should be a great one. We will be travelling through lots of heavily forested roads that will present a visually stunning experience. That is
if Mother Nature cooperates; and she usually does at this time of year. It will be taking place on Saturday, October 12th and traditionally that should be about prime leaf-peeping season up here. If you want the true Fall Foliage you have to get off the Island and travel North for a nice ride in the country. You’ll be glad you did.
We will be taking some old favorites and combining them with some new roads to make a route that everyone should enjoy. At the end of our run we will wind up at the Cortland Colonial Manor for a nice sit-down lunch. We put together a great menu with a lot of options so everyone will have a lot to chose from. And this time around you do not have to choose your meal
in advance so you can order whatever you feel like eating that day. It will be a big meal so don’t necessarily plan on having a big dinner that night.
Our second trek of the season is still three weeks away but we are excited about beginning work
on this last one because it gives us an excuse to get out and find new roads for you to travel on. We have added this third day trek to the calendar this year in lieu of an overnight because we just can’t seem to generate enough participation in the overnights or weekend treks. We usually only get ten or twelve rooms booked and that puts at risk of not meeting the required minimums to get the group rates at the hotels we contract with.
There is usually a core group that attends but to make it more worthwhile and fun we really should have 15-20 couples attending. I would love to
do another weekend up in Saratoga Springs or elsewhere but without a show of interest we will leave that off the agenda. If there is interest,
Sue and I would be happy to plan it. But you have to let me know because rooms need to be booked way in advance. Drop me line if you are interested for next season. If we hear from enough of you, we can plan it.
In the meantime, if your want to participate in this last trek of the season, be sure to get your paid registration to us early before it gets filled up. We have a pretty good capacity at this restaurant but it is not unlimited. Look for the flyer in this edition of the Porsche Post or find it online at www. . Realizing that this weather is when we love to hit the open roads, make sure that every opportunity you get to go on out and keep on trekkin’.
Trekking with Stew & Sue Stew and Sue Teichman

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