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Trekking with Stew & Sue Stew and Sue Teichman
Last weekend was our trek to the Clock Tower Grill in Brewster, New York. We started at our usual rendezvous location in New Rochelle where the local Cosi always opens up an hour early for us so we can get breakfast, coffee and use the rest rooms. It was a perfect dry day with nice moderate temperatures, partial cloud cover and no rain in sight. After some early morning socializing and admiring the nice collection of P-cars that had come for the trek, we had our event meeting and answered any last-minute questions on using the Ride With GPS app. We had several New Rochelle P.D. officers in their squad cars holding traffic for us to help getting all 37 cars out of the parking lot and through several traffic lights onto the Hutchinson River Parkway as one group. That was really helpful. Knowing that summer will soon be drawing to an end, I believe all of the Targas and Cabriolets went topless on this ride. I know my top went down as soon as I left my garage.
After some unexpected tree trimming on the Hutch caused a bit of traffic, we were soon traveling at more appropriate speeds until we reached our exit just over the Connecticut line. We then spent the next hour and
a half touring through the backroads of Greenwich and several other towns in Connecticut and Westchester. The roads were filled with twisties which required the drivers being focused on the route as the navigators were able
to enjoy the magnificent homes and park-like estates we passed. Passing through horse country and many historic sections one was almost not aware of the antiquity of the region. We passed many homes and churches that were constructed significantly prior to the Revolutionary War. Additionally, we passed a few cemeteries dating back
to the first few years of the 1700’s that most certainly held graves of both the Civil War and Revolutionary war soldiers who fought to gain and protect our sovereignty, freedom and way of life.
After a thirty-minute rest stop, which gave everyone ample opportunity to stretch their legs and use the available rest rooms, we got back on the road for the next leg of the trek. This brought us through plenty more back roads abundant with forest canopies, water views, and yes, more twisties. After about seventy-five more minutes we all arrived at the Clock Tower Grill in Brewster where we quickly assembled for our group photo before going inside for a wonderful sit-down lunch. I think everyone in attendance would agree that the restaurant did a fabulous job and that helped contribute to a great experience for everyone who participated.
This trek filled to capacity (which is the maximum the restaurant could accommodate), as all of the prior ones have in the last couple of years. Therefore, if you would like to attend our last trek of the season, please submit your paid registration ASAP. We have already received several and I would bet that this one will sell out also. Waiting till the last couple of days will most likely bring disappointment. The trek will take place on Saturday, October, 12th and we will wind up in Cortlandt Manor at the Cortlandt Colonial Manor restaurant. We expect to have a fantastic route which will lead us through Bear Mountain and, perhaps, the ever popular Seven Lakes Drive or similar roads in the vicinity. We may even do the breathtaking Storm King Highway and other roads around West Point (don’t worry there is no home game scheduled for that date...we checked!)
This last trek brought out many new members and first-time trekkers as well as many seasoned veteran trekkers. By the end of the day though, everyone made new friends and it became one cohesive group of Porsche enthusiasts out for a day of driving, eating and socializing. This is what Sue and I like to do and we like to share it with as many members as we can. So please get the registration form in this issue of the Porsche Post or on our website and submit it with your payment as soon as you can so that you may join us on this fun filled day. Since the season is getting shorter this will give you one more opportunity to get out there with your fellow club members and keep on trekkin’.

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