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What’s a Trek? Where do you go? What do we do?
Definition of Trek and what it means to me.
I read in a Dictionary that it’s a long, more challenging journey over hills and mountains and that it can actively test one’s abilities and endurance.
Finding our destination is the first step. We want everyone to be able to mix and make new friends in a comfortable setting while enjoying a nice lunch.
Next step is getting from start to finish.
I enjoy creating a new and challenging Route for each and every Trek we organize. I get excited when I find a paved, winding road or even one that meanders and goes through what appears to be a scenic area on the satellite map view on my computer. I go back and forth between “Map” view & “Satellite” view. I scroll down each road and try to get a feel for that stretch of road. I’ll zoom in on every intersection because I want to know if there’s a stop sign or a traffic light. I’ll scroll down a lane looking for twists and curves until I become very familiar with all these roads. Sometimes it falls right into place, sometimes it takes a while, but when it does I can’t wait to put it together.
We love going past large estates, with manicured lawns that look like parks they’re so large and forested areas where the trees will shade the roads. Areas with old Historic homes are a favorite and we always look for the plaques that will tell us if it’s from the 1700’s or 1800’s. We pass many lakes and ponds along the way on almost every Route. Glancing over the water always has a calming effect and on a sunny day, the reflection of the blue sky makes it even more special. We’re very fortunate to be in an area of this country with so many wonderful roads to explore.
By now we need to go out and do a “Test Run”. We want to be sure the Route flows smoothly. All the information we gather will be typed up into the Ride with GPS route I create for you to use on a Trek The app will guide you with audio turn-by-turn directions. This is a labor of love and if you’ve been on a Trek with us, you know what I’m talking about.
After the Trek it’s so nice to sit back, relax, and have a nice lunch with friends, both old and new. Everyone’s talking about those fun twists and great curves, beautiful vistas and the fun we had driving all over the place. We took the long way but it was worth it.
And that’s what a Trek is all about!!!

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