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Summit Point Race 2019
For this past race weekend at Summit a
few of the guys decided to participate in the practice day held the day before the PCA
club race weekend hosted by Summit Point. We got really lucky as far as the weather
was concerned. We had four days of sunny beautiful weather. An oddity considering it was a four-day track event at Summit Point in West Virginia.
The Rudtner’s crewmen on this trip were: Brian McGrath, David Negron, Paul Kane and Eric Molina. Drivers running our banner were: Jon Bednarsh, Bill Riehl, Dan Diaz, Todd Roth and yours truly. We missed Marc Pensabene and Paul Devany, both unable to attend this event.
We left the shop at 11:15 on Wednesday and arrived at Summit exactly 6 hours later after a nice “uneventful” trip. All the paddock spots were predetermined. How nice was that? A big thank you to Pattie and Michael Kaunitz and all the volunteers that worked the race. What a great job they did setting up this race weekend. We were all setup by nightfall and on our way to dinner.
Practice days are so useful not only for the driving experience but also for car setup.
After my morning two sessions we took the time to mount a new set of tires and make sway bar adjustments. After taking tire temperatures we also changed camber adjustments.
New tires were put on my car to start the first practice session. I wanted to run them for
a session. We’d then remove them so they would cure overnight. We had brought quite a few sets of Toyo RRs for our SPB cars. I think we had purchased about 9 sets just the
week before. Bill Riehl also had two sets of brand new Hoosiers for this event as well. It’s interesting just how much thought goes into which tires to run on the car for which sessions to try to get the best out of the tires and the best lap times. After my last session I dialed some camber out of the car and reset the front and rear toe.
On our first day of the PCA race weekend things did not go as we would have liked. In practice two we had one of our drivers crash into the tire wall barrier coming out of turn 9. The guys quickly went to work getting his car back together. They did a great job and had
it ready for the very next session. I could not get it together as my best times throughout the day were 3-4 seconds of the pace. I had a lot of work to do. I qualified down at position 30 overall. I looked very forward to a new start on day two.
Driven for Speed Bill Rudtner, Chief DE Instructor
 On day two our “Blue group” warm up was delayed some 20 minutes as a car in the previous session blew an engine. The car had sprayed the track with oil on the racing line from turn seven all the way to pit in! Nonetheless
I could not wait to get back on the track. The warm up did go well.
During some down time a young man came up to the trailer looking for me. “Hi. My name is George.” He said. “You probably don’t remember me but when I was 7 you let me
sit in your 935 car here at Summit. Today
I’m 20 years old. I’m here with my Dad and he is racing. I just wanted to say hi.” Wow was I touched. Such a long time and he still remembered. How nice was that? As Linda always tells me, sometimes it’s the little things that count.
Our first race went off as scheduled. It was a 30-minute sprint race. The racing was really good with only a few local yellows thrown during the race. We had green flag from the start to the checkered. I went from 30th position at
the start to 21st at the finish with quite a bit of excitement and good racing throughout. (Continued on Page 42)

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