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 Fall colors accompany cold weather, and our thoughts turn to winter storage. There is truth, folklore and then there is urban legend regarding storage. After 20 years of owning my 1986 Carrera (that is it on Page 42 at Rennwerke Porsche), I have hosted quite a few small critters under the front hood, and have had the ignition wires eaten through twice. I offer some advice.
1) Mice love to sneak around the bonnet and sleep/nest in our cars. I use a fresh can of mothballs to discourage them from nesting.
I also leave another can under the car in the garage.
2) I add 5 to 6 PSI to the recommended pressure to the tires so they don’t “flat spot” in place, but I also park on a bunch of stacked cushions or rubber garage tiles to keep the tires off the pavement in my garage.
3) I take two dryer sheets and cover the exhaust, holding them on with a rubber band.
4) I crack open the windows about 3” and put the cover on and snug it down with thin rope.
5) I attach a battery tender to the battery and check it regularly
6) I fill the gas tank to avoid water and put in a bottle of Sta-Bil.
7) I run it about once a month and will occasionally drive it if the road is dry. I let it warm up and run all of the electricals (wipers, mirrors, windshield washers).
North Region Update
Ed Reiner
8) I warm up the clutch and shift the gears while the car is parked and running. I do not make car sounds.
9) I detail the car one more time and make sure that there is no residue on the car. Otherwise it is difficult to take off when the weather is cold.
Most importantly, I invest in a quantity of glue traps and surround each of the tires. Over the years, I have caught about 10 mice, two bats and two baby garden snakes in the traps in my garage. Porsches are sanctuaries to very small animals and I presume they find our cars are warm and toasty.
I have heard reports of success with those sonic pest control devices you plug in your garage. If anyone has any feedback, please let me know and I will pass it on to the members. If you have any additional thoughts about this, please let us know,.
There is a tech session in the works at Porsche of Larchmont, probably in January. This will be a full on Cars and Coffee and tech discussion to address member questions and see the impact of thoughtful and competent enhancements and not simply parts swaps
or bolt on (so-called) performance. Our
cars come to us with all of the performance generally accepted in a Porsche and many people experience code failures when they change out parts. Let’s get technical and discuss what is a real improvement.
Plans are coming together for more north country events in 2020. There is a growing membership up here and we are seeing better Westchester member attendance to Metro events. Most importantly, please register for the Holiday Party which is going to be in New Rochelle, on the water in Davenport. Long Islanders can see their houses across the Long Island Sound. Come celebrate and enjoy the camaraderie. It is a great family event.

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