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Attention to Detail Matt Zakarian
This month we’re going to continue discussing subject involving the multitude of sins we innocently do to our beloved Porsches.
- Parking under trees to get some shade. Good idea until an acorn (or a few) falls and dings your hood. Impossible you say? I beg to differ. I’ve seen cars come in to our shop with dozens of dings from this cause exactly.
- Letting your neighbors sprinklers spray on your car? Can you say water spots? Move your car or if you can, set the sprinklers to go on when your car’s not there. If your car already has water spots, please don’t wait to clean them off. Once they get set, it’s not an easy or cheap proposition to remove them off paintwork or glass.
- Letting the gas attendant pump gas in your car. Heck no! I know, it’s so convenient and you don’t have to even get out of your car. It’s not going to be convenient when you have to repaint the panel from the nozzle sliding out and scratching it. And yes, this applies to refueling in NJ.
- Parking your car near landscapers who are mowing grass. I’ve personally experienced this at my own house as I kept seeing new chips on the side of my car every week; it just took me some time to figure out the cause. The lawnmowers shoot rocks out the side which I’ve even seen crack windows. Do your car a favor and garage her.
- Getting sunscreen on interior surfaces. Remember, the better the sunscreen works, the harder it is to remove. I’ve had instances where the sunscreen could not even be removed safely off leather seats. Please wipe it off your skin/wear a long-sleeved shirt.
- Removing snow/ice off your car with an ice scraper, broom, brush, etc. I’ve even witnessed a neighbor using a shovel to get the snow off their vehicle. After every first snow of the winter, we are inundated with scratched cars. Just take some time to warm up your car and treat the exterior glass with ceramic coating for the ice to melt (you can also spray your glass with some rubbing alcohol to help removal). On the paint, just remove the top layer of snow with your arm and let the rest melt.
- I’ve saved the best for last; for this is my favorite. Allowing a body shop to put their license plate frame on your car. What better way to announce to the world (or a potential buyer of your car) that “Hey, I was just in an accident and had repairs done. Please use that information to depreciate the value of my car”. Unless you own the body shop, keep it off your car.
As always, if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me at (516) 747-4114 or email me at [email protected]

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