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Adele and Peter Portanova
 Some Metro members are on the move
- we know because we see their change of addresses! Well, most of them, but not all. We’ve had a little trouble with the P.O. not delivering POST issues to mem- bers that either have moved, or didn’t fill out their address completely. The P.O. is very particular about apartment numbers, if it’s not on your mailing label, they can’t deliver your issue.
If your POST is addressed to your place of business, please remember to put your Suite number or floor; believe it or not, the P.O. will not deliver it without the full information showing. If you have moved, please try to tell us your new address promptly so we can make the correction. Even if you have your mail forwarded
to your new address, the POST will not be forwarded. You can make your own change of address at, Or just send us an e-mail and we will gladly in- put it for you, no problem!
The Cars & Coffee gatherings this year have been very successful. The typical coffee and light breakfast seemed to be the perfect menu for old and new mem- bers alike to meet each other and share their P-car experiences. A fair amount
of non-PCA drivers attended to see for themselves what the club is all about and we made sure they all departed with PCA
applications in hand, fully prepared to ap- ply for membership, hopefully as soon as they got home that day!
The seasoned members had a great time talking up the club to new comers, while enjoying the museum-like facilities at Porsche Gold Coast and Autosport De- signs where many exotic cars are stored and for sale. Promoting everyone to be more involved in Metro’s events is our number one priority this year. A few mem- bers also brought their brand new GT3’s for all to admire along side the classic cars of the decades of P-cars still being cared for as if they were new.
Check out the Anniversaries in this is- sue. Congratulations to Alex Rogutsky of Douglaston who has joined the “50 Year Metro Member Club”! He is the ninth member to celebrate 50 years in Metro. Congrats all and thanks for inspiring the rest of Metro to continue being a part of a special group of P-car owners!

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