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Hello fellow Metro Members! We said that alot on October 6 while attending the Driven to America #3 event. We were able to set up a Metro Membership Tent on the venue grounds to help spread the word about P.C.A. membership. Yes, hard to believe, there actually are P-car owners out there that are not aware of Metro and P.C.A. Thanks to Stew Teichman who occasionally covered for us so we could rest our voices and walk around to view the cars, I don't have an official count, but it seemed like there were at least 200 Porsches on view! Thanks also to David Jacobson and his crew at Collector Car Showcase for arranging the awesome event.
While at the Membership tent, we handed out applications and sample copies of the POST and PANORAMA to many prospective members, we also had the opportunity to speak with members from other regions. One of the many
out-of-towners who we met was Bob Geigerich from Pittsfield, New Hampshire who belongs to the North Country Region of PCA. Imagine he drove five hours in his 911 just to be there. He spent some time with us trading P-car stories and it turns out he is a native Long Islander. Fortunately, the weather really cooperated for both drivers who travelled distances and for spectators. You'll see from the pictures in this issue that it was truly Porsche heaven on earth!
Adele and Peter Portanova
 Most of the pictures you'll see in this issue were taken by our Publicity Chairman, Bob DeMotta. Bob looked really tired at the end of the day,
in fact, he insisted on taking some pictures of
a cool 356 that necessitated him laying on the ground...I just thought he was resting after a long day of photographic bliss!
We'd like to also welcome Bob to the Membership Chair Team. He has agreed to help us with contacting members, mainly to remind those who haven't renewed and/or find out
why they haven't renewed (shame on them....!) Thank you Bob, we know Publicity keeps you busy, and we really appreciate the help. We can always use help, there's lots to do with keeping track of our members, anyone else interested in joining the Team? You know how to reach us!

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