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Adele and Peter Portanova
 This summer we found ourselves wondering just how the market is to sell a P-car and decided
to test the waters using the auction site P-CAR Market. Started by the good guys at CCS Mo- tors, who are good friends and supporters of Metro, it’s a relatively new way to sell your car on-line.
First on the block was our 1973 White 911 Rep- lica. Initial step was to have amazing pictures taken of it by Dylan Jacobson. We found an empty lot at Sunken Meadow Park since the schools were still in session. Once the pictures were uploaded onto their P-CAR MARKET site, the bidding began. It’s quite an experience, seeing your car being bid on by strangers and wondering if the reserve will be met. After the 10 day period, as the final minutes counted down the time, a few bidders got into a bidding war and it was sold! Seeing the word SOLD was somewhat bittersweet, as it’s been an exciting car to own, but the new owner in Puerto Rico had something just as exciting, a GT3 with the very same blue wheels and needed our early 911 to complement it, so our 911 took a cruise and is now in it’s new home with it’s cous- in of another era.
Next up on the block would be our 2010 White GT3. This has been another amazing car to own and when we added the famous Martini stripes and decals, it brought the car up a notch to a more visual level, if that’s even possible with a GT3!
Once again, Dylan was our photographer on a hot summer day, and since the parking lots were full of bathing beauties, we did the photo shoot at Metro Member Herb Landau’s house, who lives two blocks away from us on a more photo friendly street.
This time the bids came in slowly and we won- dered if the reserve would be met. Anticipating a no sale, we were starting to think of Plan B - maybe not sell it! After the bidding closed, cars not sold go into the “Deal Tank” and interested parties can still make offers and two days later, it was sold locally. The new owner was not a Metro Member, but was anxious to join after we showed him all the benefits of being a member, During Wing Night in August, Anthony Nguyen joined on the spot. So you could say we did the ultimate member recruitment sacrifice, by selling our car to gain a member!
We still have our 1989 White 944 which will now get more attention then it ever has, as it will be our one and only - our “ROCK”!
The 1973 replica in it’s new home in Puerto Rico. Twins?

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