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 From the Editor ED REINER
Winter storage depresses me. The notion of putting the cars away and covering them, connecting the battey tenders and “winterizing” means a long cold winter. While we all like the look of the fall foliage and the smell of a fireplace, the fact is that our cars are hybernating!. In spite of the fall weather, Metro has been busy with club events. We co-hosted Old Westbury Gardens, collaborated with Driven to America(3) in Lloyd Neck in early October, and we hosted the third trek of the season to the Cortland Colonial Manor. We even had Metro attendance at the Zone 1 “Porsches on the Boardwalk” in Ocean City, New Jersey with nearly 400 cars on display. Here on the boardwalk, the weather was perfect and the ocean breeze kept the air cool while the cars were “hot”. There are still auto- cross events through November and then the holiday party in December.
The Metro board is working on plans for 2020 and with some new faces
and renewed enthusiasm, we expect to have a full calendar to present, including Concours, Treks, AX, DE, Rallys, Coffee Runs, Cars and Coffee and even our newest creation, Porsche’s and Pancakes. Until then, we wiil turn our
attention to storage and offer advice to those of us who must keep our cars fresh for the spring.
In September, I had a unique opportunity to travel to Germany (with a few of the Metro members) to visit the Mercedes, BMW and Porsche factories, This also included a trip to the Porsche museum. Aside from our left hand lane driving on the Autobahn where speed is not limited (I hit 130 MPH, while Ret Sobel- man held the speed record of 250 kph or 153 mph) we got to see some of the most impressive manu- facturing processes in automotive production. What impressed me most was the fact that BMWs are largely built by robots while Porsche’s are built by hand, Yes, by hand. We were drooling over the cars as they were coming together at the end of the production line since we had the opportunity to stand on the floor and watch cars being built up close. With all the manual labor invested, it explains why these cars are so expensive and why each one is unique.
The Porsche museum was also a treat and we were able to see the full history of Porsche (along with a side trip to Gmund) to see the full evolution of the business from start to present, To anyone who has remotely contemplated this trip, it is worth the visit to Stuttgart and experience the brand from the inside.
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Cover: Metro president Dan Fishkind lets his car cool down at the track at the Zone 1 Autocross in Ayers, MA.
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