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 From the Editor ED REINER
I joined Metro’s Wing Night at the Main Event in Farmingdale in mid-August. As expected, it was a fun-filled event filled with Porsche talk and chicken wings. We had a great turnout, but mostly people engaged in discussions about wash- ing, detailing, and driving. I enjoy this group of people and share a like-minded perspective on having more fun with our cars. Discussion: Is a day trip the Hamptons a bit too far? Who wants to shoot to the Montauk Point Lighthouse? How many State Troopers patrol the Taconic State Parkway in Westchester? (Answer: too many!). But the spirit is there and the heavy metal in the parking lot was a reflection of our desire to drive for any excuse, even for an excess
of chicken wings. It must be the camraderie.
With the summer winding down, I feel like many of us are trying to squeeze
in as much driving as possible before the season is over. We still have one more trek, more DE and AX. There are also a couple of cars and coffee events in the works plus perhaps a tech session toward the end of the year. I look forward to fall driving (especially up here in Westches- ter) and think about a trip north to go apple picking or perhaps to go to Bear Mountain. The open road beckons.
I took my ‘86 911 Carrera to the gym the other day. I came out to find a crowd standing around it, and they wanted to ask questions about the car. I find that people do not understand air-cooled cars, and that they immediately compare it to a VW Bug. “Yea, kinda but not really!”. Until you drive a car that has an only an engine, brake pedal, shifter, rack and pinion steering (and no A/C nor any technology), one does not get the point. Driving a 33 year old air-cooled car is an experience that most drivers will never understand. “ How do you cool the engine?” (Ans: a giant fan), “How many can you fit into that thing?”, (Ans: Two people who know each other well), “What about ABS, or Suspension Management”. (Answer: We know how to drive.) “Do you have Apple Car Play?”, (Ans: Are you kidding me?!?!?). It is difficult to explain what this is all about, but they all know it looks cool. I channel my inner Steve McQueen and calmly explain that it is a unique, visceral driving experience. Loud, stiff, and sometimes uncomfort-
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Cover: A gathering of Porsche’s and breakfast. New Canaan, Connecticut, Photo by Ed Reiner
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