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 able, yet nimble, fast and “connected”. Who among us does not love the feeling of “not lifting” around a sharp left hand turn and powering out of the curve? Yes, Porsche, there is no substitute.
This issue of the Post is a call to action for the members. We continue to request feedback on your preferences and interests and feel free to shoot an email to Dan with suggestions. Also, please reg- ister for Driven to America scheduled for October. This is a premier Porsche event in our backyard.
A few Metro members attended an exotic car show in East Hampton in August, with about 80 cars showing up overall. I was amazed that someone brought a fully restored 1959 Studebaker Hawk , but more impressed with the Ruf with only 515 miles on it, below. How can you NOT drive this car all the time? We saw many Porsches, including quite a few old 356’s. What also made this enjoyable was the drive, including a healthy trip along Sunrise Highway. I love this route, if nothing other than the rolling car show between Southhampton and Westhampton. More than a few “thumbs up” along this trip. I will certainly do this again before the season is over.
Porsche 911 Ruf, left and a fully restored 356 at the East Hampton Exotic Car show on August 11th, right.
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National PCA needs your e-mail address, in order to enable our President, Dan Fishkind, to send out his e-mail blasts, which announce changes or new events. All members can log on to www. quite easily.
Alternatively, send your e-mail to [email protected] and it will be entered for you. Many members joined a few years back when e-mails were not so important and may not have even had an e-mail (heaven forbid). So please check to see if National has yours. If not, please register it today so you won’t miss one of Dan’s friendly and inspiring announcements!
Thank you, Adele Portanova

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