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This is one of my fa- vorite times of the sea- son as far as the club is concerned. We are passed the half-way point and all events have been running smoothly and have been well attended. The feedback from members has been very positive and I ap- preciate all your com- ments. I also want to stress that I am always available to hear what you have to say so don’t hesitate to con-
tact me. I had the opportunity to get up to the Clock Tower Grill Trek in Westchester a few weekends ago and it was an amazing event. Stew and Sue Teichman run a top notch show and are definitely an asset to the club. The trek was filled to capac- ity and it was great to see so many Westchester members participate as well as others from around the region. I gained a new respect for the amount of work that goes into trek events. I once thought a trek was just a simple drive from one point to another, but it quickly became obvious how much attention to detail was needed to plan out such in intricate and beautiful route. If you haven’t attend- ed one of Stew and Sue’s treks you are missing out. The next one is October 12 and I urge you not to miss it.
There are still plenty of events to look forward to before the season winds down. We will be having our First Annual Golf Outing in a few weeks and it is sure to be a great time. Another exciting event coming up will be our Annual Holiday Party. I am happy to say it will be up in Westchester this year and I am hoping for a great turnout. It will be Satur- day December 7, at the beautiful VIP Country Club in New Rochelle. It will be from 12:00 pm-5:00pm so there shouldn’t be any traffic on the way to or from, so get in your cars, take a nice ride and help us celebrate the holidays. The excitement doesn’t stop.
We have more exciting news. First off, I want to apologize for the sudden halt of our Concours Pro- gram this year however, I am pleased to announce, and welcome Paul Celentano who has stepped up to be our new Concours Chair. Paul has been
a member of the club since the early 1980’s and has restored and entered a class winning 924 in the 1994 Lake Placid Parade. He currently owns many Porsches and will be bringing a consistent and fresh outlook to the program with a nod to how things have run in the past. Of utmost importance will be to have that Concours in Westchester that was in the works this year. If your paths cross with Paul, give him a nice hello.
It is also the time of year where we start thinking to the next year. Election time is coming up and the nominating committee has recommended a slate for next year which can be found in this issue. I am happy to be chosen again by the nominating committee to run for the position of President. I assure you I love this club and will continue to work with the board to improve the already great events we have while bringing new events to our mem- bers. Also chosen by the nominating committee is John Mingst for Vice President, Graham Mingst for Secretary and incumbent Tommy Rendano for treasurer. Just a fun fact, between the four of us we have over 100 years in the club. I, with 14 years and the other three candidates with over 30 years each. I hope we will have your support so we can continue to serve you in order to make the club even more successful. Additionally, it is notable that I have moved the election meeting to Sunday morning so there will not be any traffic and moved it further west to be closer to the bridges for better access. Voting will take place at the Panera Bread on Horace Harding Parkway in Little Neck and we will be there from 9:00 am till 12:00 PM. Come on down and let’s break bread.
I had the pleasure of talking to some members on the Porsches and Pancakes event and was asked if there are any car clubs for women. A short con- versation ensued, and the idea emerged that may- be we should have some events for women. This is in the ground stages so I would love some feed- back from our members. If you have any activities, you would like to see than please send me your suggestions.
The season is far from over and it’s not too late to get out and have some fun. I hope to see more of you out there.
Regards, Dan

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